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Advertising & Media Planning

Great ads don’t scream from across the room. They get up close and whisper in your ear.

Concept One Advertising works hard to become an extension of your executive team. We get plugged-in to our clients’ markets and their target media, figure out how to make our clients stand out from their competition, and enable conversations between our clients and their customers across all types of media—print, broadcast, web, social media, conversational media.

We research ways to reach your audience. We work hard to become familiar with your story so we can confidently and fluently discuss your products and services. Our commitment to you is to deliver coverage in the media respected by your customers, partners, and prospects.

Concept One Advertising has never disappointed, years of tough jobs and very tight deadlines always beat, Deb has always raised above my expectations. The ability to think outside the box is key to me, everybody runs the same ads the same way, you need to think differently. Bob Noaker, Noaker’s Auto Body & Sales llc.

Bob Noaker

noaker's auto body & sales llc.